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08 Mar


Top 5 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Posted By : Admin

While surfing net, many a time we come across some lazy like website, that take years to load and respond to user actions. Duh, okay, that’s sort of an exaggeration, but the fact is as clear as a glass of moonshine that no one likes sluggish sites; they distract visitors bad and deviates them in a way that they hardly think of revisiting the same online effort.

It may come as a surprise for you, but WordPress, one of the powerful web software that is widely chosen to get a rewarding website, blog or app developed sometimes suffer from weakness of being quite slow. The load speed of a website matters a lot to grab a good search engine ranking and is also vital to keep users engaged and satisfied. Made that point clear, we want you to ponder about your site performance. Is it good enough? Homepage loads quickly or not? Do all images load promptly? Well, if not, and your WordPress website performance is a bit disheartening, then you need to know about how to increase website speed WordPress! Read some tried and tested ways for WordPress page speed optimization and boost the performance of your site like never before-

  • You Need to Choose a Good Host

Typically, several people see shared host as quite a bargain; “unlimited page views!” But how can someone compromise with slow site speed and frequent down time during peak traffic periods? To simplify things and to turn them for better, WordPress recommends three sites, viz. BluehostDreamHost and Laughing Squid. Pick one and get going flawless.

  • Pick a Solid Framework/Theme

When one goes for WP plugins that are lightweight and quite speedy, the site performance remains up to the mark as opposed to those bloated frameworks having myriad of features with zero to minimum utility. To speed up your WordPress website, we suggest the fastest loading premium framework Thesis Theme Framework that surpasses rest of WordPress themes by being super easy to customize.

  • Optimize Your WordPress SQL Database

By simply visiting your cPanel & using phpMyAdmin, you can optimize and repair tables to optimize the WordPress database of your site. The process can also be automated by either installing a plugin like WP-DB Manager or with Cron Job setup which you can execute at specific times and at specific dates.

  • Optimize Images (Automatically)

Yahoo! has an image optimizer called Smush.it which is remarkable to reduce an image’s file size without affecting its quality. However, doing that with all images will not only prove time consuming, but will also piss you off bad, so better get things done automated by using a free plugin called WP-SmushIt that does this process to images automatically when you upload them. So, why not go for it?

  • Minify JS and CSS Files

If you are one of those WordPress users that run their website through Google PageSpeed Insights tool, then you might have been notified about minimizing the size of your CSS and JS files. As reducing the number of CSS and JS calls can enhance site loading speed, thus it is suggested to use popular plugins like Autoptimize that can aid in optimizing CSS, JS and even HTML of your website thus drastically enhancing the WordPress site speed.

Apart from these, adjusting Gravatar images, turning off pingbacks and trackbacks, disabling hotlinking and turning off inter-blog communication also plays a major role in boosting the performance of a WordPress site. Stick with these tips to impress the online world with your lightening fast website.