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02 May


Why WordPress Site Speed Optimization is Important

Posted By : Admin

WordPress is considered to be one of the greatest website builders- its myriad of features, innumerable functionalities and presence of several plugins and themes has made it get an upper hand amongst all other existing open source technologies. You might get surprised to know, but today over 24% of web is powered by WordPress, and this estimate is sure going see a surge as several people are connecting with this open source project everyday to exploit the ease of use it offers to one and all. Possibilities are bright, that you too are one of the WordPress users, using this ideal web software to support your blog, website or app. And if so is the case, then let us roll a simple question towards you- are you fully satisfied with the performance of your website?

Well, we do not have any intentions to confuse you- we swear! By asking you this question, we simply want to draw your attention on an important aspect- the loading time of your WordPress site!

“A recent study suggested that 47% of visitors expect a web page to load within 2 seconds, and around 57% of visitors choose to leave the page if the loading time exceeds 3 seconds.”

This study is a clear signification that a sluggish website can hurt your business performance and may affect your brand image in long term. So, if you have noticed your WordPress site taking more time to get loaded, then it is recommended to opt for WordPress site speed optimization that will boost the performance of your site by cutting down the surplus loading time. With the best of speed optimization services, you can cherish apparent benefits of higher user engagement, more views, good search engine ranking and better sales.


Now, if you are in sixes and sevens about how to speed up WordPress site, then we can help you figure out a few things- for a website with lightening fast speed, you should choose a good host, use incredibly solid framework/theme, homepage optimization, image and database optimization, turn off trackbacks and pingbacks, compress CSS and JavaScript files, and finally, enable caching, all which will contribute in drastically decreasing the load time of website. However, to improve WordPress site speed, nothing can be better than getting professional assistance from field experts who know several hacks like web server optimization, JQuery optimization, localizing of external resources, minimizing redirects and much more for speeding up your WordPress site. Find a leading company offering speed optimization services and enhance your site performance for success of your online effort.